Friday, May 9, 2014

Whill of Agora Book #4: A Crown of War Now available on Amazon!

Book #4 is now available on amazon for Kindle.

Well, the time has finally come, and it is with a bittersweet sigh of relief that I present the conclusion the Whill of Agora story. This has been a labor of love for me since that fateful night in 2002 when I wrote the first lines. "The full moon lingered like a magnificent pearl in an ocean of black." Not bad, but at the time I thought it was a masterpiece embodied in a sentence. Wow, I was good, this was easy...right. I have made do with what I have - an overactive imagination.

I'm not a master of grammar, but I am getting better. I have made my mistakes and I have tried to learn from them. I am, however, a master daydreamer. I hope that I have created a world in which you and your friends/family can escape this one, if only for a while.

In this day and age it is hard to create something that hasn't been done before (look at Hollywood). When I began this story with Whill of Agora book 1, my kids were 4 and 7. I added all kinds of stuff from other stories just to make it the craziest tale there was. Chosen one, prophecy, twin heirs to the thrown, one brother kills the other, hot elf love interest, etc...ever seen any of that? This was done intentionally. I wanted to do all that stuff, and then make none of it really matter in the end, hence, Whill being thrown in a dungeon at the end of book 1. If there really are people out there that saw that coming then they are awesome.

Once Book 1 began to sell, and sell, I realized that I had set myself up to have to write the entire story...people were waiting for it! I put a lot into Book 2, it is my personal favorite. One of my favorite characters, Dirk Blackthorn, was introduced in that book. It seems to be fans favorite also, judging by the amazon reviews. When I got to book 3 I realized that there was far too much story left to wrap it up in one book. I never outline my books, as they refuse to conform. So here is Book 4. The final book in the Whill of Agora saga.

I hope that you have enjoyed the ride so far, I know I have. There are many more stories to tell, and I hope that there will always be people to listen. Thank you all for all the support through the years.

                                                               Available on Amazon


Washakie Dreamer said...

I'm excited that this book is available. I am wondering when it will be for sale in paperback form? I have bought the first three for my grandson and would like to give him this one too. He can't have a Kindle at this time. Thank you.

Washakie Dreamer said...

Great series!

Michael James Ploof said...

I actually got the ball rolling on the soft cover version today. It should be ready in a month or so. Sorry for the long wait. I hope your grandson likes it.