Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The Sock Gnome Chronicles

Book 1

FREE 7-23-14 - 7-27-14

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The first book of my middle grade series, The Sock Gnome Chronicles, will be free for five days. BookBub has once again agreed to promote the give-away, and I am expecting 5-10 thousand downloads. Crossing my fingers. If you haven't picked one up yet, here is a chance for a free one. You can also gift one to anyone with an amazon account and E-mail. This series is nothing like my Legends of Agora books (well, aside from the humor), but I think that it's worth a peek.

Here's the blurb

Have you ever wondered what happens to that one missing sock of a pair? If you have ever been folding laundry and come up with lone socks, then you may have Sock Gnomes living in your home. Billy Coatbutton is one such Gnome.
It is the day of Billy’s first test of mastery, a test to see if he will become a treasure hunter like his father. Billy has studied, practiced and prepared for this day for years. Like all Gnomes that have come of age, Billy will soon spin the Wheel of Destiny and discover which item it is that he must find to become a treasure hunter within Sockefeller castle.
Along the way he meets an old recluse Sock Gnome named Helix BonsaiTree, who has more than a little to say about the practices of the greedy Sockefellers, and helps Billy to choose the right path.
During his dangerous quest Billy must overcome a vicious rat, a hungry cat, and many other obstacles, all without the help or protection of Gnomeland Sockurity. He is determined to pass his test of mastery on the first try, a feat accomplished by only one other Sock Gnome, his father.
Billy will face many decisions, the greatest of all will leave the
life of a human child hanging in the balance.

Kids and Adults will both find something for them in this whimsical adventure with one of the monst memorable characters to be found within the musty pages of a kindle...

With references to Gnomeland Sockurity, The New York Sock Exchange, and the Sockefellers, adults will have thier fair share of the giggles. 

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