Monday, February 9, 2015

FIERCE: Sixteen Fantasy Books for .99!


USA TODAY cover reveal!

Whill of Agora will be included in FIERCE: Sixteen Fantasy Authors!
I have been waiting patiently since Dec 26 to announce this! A few days before Christmas I noticed a multi-author fantasy bundle called EPIC, doing really well on Amazon. I thought to myself, "I have to do something like that!". So I contacted one of the authors that was in that bundle to ask how one would go about putting something like that together. The author steered me toward K.J.Colt, a fellow fantasy author. He said she and another woman had put it all together and they could answer my questions. So I went on facebook to look up K.J so that I could ask her about it, and to my utter surprise, I had a message in my inbox from none other than K.J Colt herself. You can imagine my confusion. Here I was going online to contact her, and she had just contacted me! She said that they were putting together another one, and I was on top of the list! How cool is that? 
(Sometimes the synchronicity of life scares me!)
USA TODAY even ran an article for the cover reveal. Check it out HERE.
We've got an amazing line-up for this bundle, and some big names as well. Here is the complete line-up: Mercedes Lackey, Michael Manning, K.F. Breene, Morgan Rice, Michael J. Ploof, Daniel Arenson, Kate Sparkes, David Adams, Amy Raby, C. Greenwood, David Dalglish, K.J. Colt, Shae Ford, Endi Webb, Michael Wallace and Terah Edun.
The bundle is available for pre-order now from I-Tunes HERE.
It will become available for pre-order on other sites on March 1. I will keep you posted in the mean time.
We are also running a Thunderclap campaign. The first 100 supporters get a FREE copy of Fierce, Sixteen fantasy books. Support the campaign HERE and get your copy.

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