Sunday, February 1, 2015

Whill 5 and other news

Whill of Agora 5 and other news.

Up here in Northern NY the weather has remained at a consistent Freeze-your-ass-off  temperature for the last month (and I don't mean 30 or 40 degrees, I'm talking below zero), and it isn't getting any warmer any time soon. Right about now cabin fever begins to creep in, and I start to feel like I'm living on a spaceship. I've grown a beard, and I've finally gotten a bathrobe to wear around all day over my workout clothes to top off the my Hermit Writer look. Each day blends into the next, and every now and again I realize I haven't left the house in a week. Winter in the North country sucks a big icicle shlong, but it is my most productive time of year. Last February I wrote the first draft of TALON in 18 days. It was an awesome experience.
This winter is no different. I currently have 6 projects going on, all in different phases. Whill fans will be glad to know that I am currently 25% through the first draft of Whill of Agora 5, which will be the first of a new Whill trilogy. I am still toying with calling it Whill 5, or Whillhelm Warcrown book 1, since the main plot for the first four books has come to completion. There was a lot of story left to tell at the end of Book 4, too much to wrap up in that book alone. I worked on the Whill series for ten years straight, and when I finished book 4 in the winter of 2013 I needed a break. As fun as those books were to write, I had a lot of other ideas begging to get out of my head. Since completing that book I have written 5 others. I had a nice year long break from Whill & Co, and now I'm ready to tackle by best selling epic again. I've written about 300,000 words since then, and I think I've improved. I can't wait for you all to read it.
On another note: Many of you might have heard my announcement that I had been invited to a multi-author Bundle with some BIG names. I can't give you any names just yet, but I can say that it is going to be epic. The cover art is almost done (sick), and soon we will all be able to tell the world. All the authors involved (over 12 of us) are super stoked.
I'll have more on that soon.
I just finished my second draft of The Salem Coven: The Orion Rezner Chronicles Book #2  which I hope to release by the end of April. (Cover Below)
Trevor did a great job on this one.
In an attempt to ramp up interest in my new urban fantasy series The Orion Rezner Chronicles, I am trying out a new marketing tool called Thunderclap to promote my FREE promotion of Afterworld. The book will be free from Feb 23 - Feb 27 on Amazon. Through the Thunderclap, people (like you :)) sign up to have the same message posted on their social media sites at the same time. It's easy to join. A few clicks and your done. You don't have to do anything else. Just agree to have Thunderclap post it for you and it is automated. I have 44 supporters at the date of this blog, and need 66 more for it to even happen. If you could take just a moment I would appreciate it.

I am also working on two new Legends of Agora books, tentatively titled Blackthorn Rising 1 & 2. This spinoff series follows Dirk and Krentz's early years. So far it is coming together great, and both book have completed first drafts.
I other awesome news, I have decided to branch out with Whill of Agora. It is now available on Kobo, iTunes, Scribd, Nook, and other sites for free. Once Amazon price matches the other sites it should go to free there too, (It is the only way to get it free on Amazon aside from KDP Select. So tell your friends they should be able to get it free soon.

Did I mention Whill of Agora is available in audio?


If your like me and have an audible account, you sometimes forget you have a free download there every month, might as well spend yours on Whill of Agora. Perfect for road trips. But seriously, Graham Halstead did a great job narrating the characters. Check out the sample, its soooo cool.
There you have it. 2015 is a busy year so far. Until that snow melts I'll be in dreamland, seeing what new tales I can conjure for you from the Nevernever.
I'd love to hear from you. What book are you most excited to read?
The Salem Coven
Blackthorn Rising
Whill 5
Leave me a comment below. Don't be afraid, say hi.


Noah Regimbal said...

Any news about the windwalker archive book 3?

Michael James Ploof said...

Hey, Noah. I'm shooting for fall/winter for that. I've got big plans for Talon.

FreakingPenguin said...

Whill 5! Excitement levels rising. Awesome books by the way. You're among my top 5 favorite authors, and that's saying something.

Michael James Ploof said...

Thanks FP. I hope to have Whill 5 ready for summer. Just got to wrap up 2 current projects so I can focus 100% on the new enstallment.

Gabriel Lahendro said...

Very excited for the release of Whill 5! You are doing great work with good reads. Keep up the awesome job!!

Michael James Ploof said...

Thanks Gabriel. Whill 5 is coming along nicely. It has been about a year since I wrote about Whill and the crew. I'm well rested and ready to kick some arse!

MikeyP01 said...

I have just finished Kingdoms in chaos (Not sure about the ending)enjoyed the book however.Does Whill 5 continue on from there?